Friday, February 25, 2011

Another Happy Customer

Last night I received an email from an unfamiliar name with a subject line simply stating "My Order." I started getting a little nervous.


                                               photo credit

"Uh-oh. Did something go wrong?" I wondered.
It's not common to receive direct emails from customers, as etsy uses "conversations" (or "convos") for shop owners and customers to converse. I cautiously opened the email to find this...

   "I ordered a simple ceramic soap dish on your site less than a week ago and paid via paypal.  I must say, that I was very happy to come home today and find it was already here in NYC.

The item was exactly as pictured and described, although I think the craftsmanship looks better in person.

Your packaging was impeccable.  That simple piece of brown tissue paper and the note and card on top of newspaper wrappings made it look like you took the is all in the presentation.  And you have that down well.

Just want to say good job, fast shipping, great packaging (makes it appear to be from someone with style and worth the price I paid) and I am happy.

Will make sure I come back and tell my friends about your site."

Oh, my heart is happy.

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Have a fantastic weekend, friends!

p.s. If you have some NS Pottery love to share, I would be honored to hear it! You can post reviews on my NEW facebook fan page wall. It will make my heart SO happy!  

Thursday, February 24, 2011

10 Things that Inspire Me

Hi Friends! Today I wanted to share 10 things that inspire me, in no particular order...

♥ Buster: my incredibly loved cocker spaniel 

♥ Sunny Days (I could use some warm sunlight on my shoulders about now)

♥ Kids: I love how they are so uninhibited. They are just themselves and don't give a thought to what other people think.

♥ Sunrises & Sunsets

♥ Tall, Leafy Trees (hello bare/snow covered trees!)

♥ Outdoor Walks/Fresh Air

♥ Music

♥ Homegrown Fruits & Veggies, like these gorgeous heirloom tomatoes I grew 2  
years ago (summer is coming, folks!)

♥ Successful, independent artists/crafters, like her, her, and her

and last, but definitely NOT least...

♥ God: my amazingly powerful & astoundingly creative heavenly Father ♥

What things inspire you?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hello Lovely People!

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Natalie, and I am the artist behind NS Pottery.

I fell in love with the art of making pottery when I was a junior in high school, only six short years ago. My high school ceramics education was far from in-depth, but it was just enough to get my feet wet and leave me wanting to learn more. So after graduation, I signed up for classes at a pottery studio not too far from home, where I learned under the direction of Bob Yost, a well-known Akron-area potter. And when I say "learned," I mean fought the clay until after many, many, weeks of fighting, I actually had a small, uneven bowl on the wheel. (What a glorious day that was!)


Through this blog, I hope to share my love for what I do and inspire you along the way as we travel this road called life together. I hope you'll stick around! It's going to be a fun journey!

If there is something you are personally "fighting" in your life, don't. give. up! It won't be long until the impossible becomes possible.