Friday, July 29, 2011

Inspired by You

Happy Friday, friends!!

I have to tell you that the last two days, I have felt so inspired. I have this never-ending channel of excitement/inspiration flowing through my head, and!

Source: unknown via Natalie on Pinterest

Last night, I was trying to go to bed at 11:30 (I know, so much for my schedule), and I couldn't even settle down "mentally." :) So, I just wanted to say,

"Thank you!"

Thank you for your sweet comments that brighten my day.
Thank you for your encouraging emails.
Thank you for your inspiring blogs.
Thank you for your friendship.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You guys rock and I love you!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Rings

Hello, friends!

Just a quick fyi that new rings are in the shop NOW! I have more to come, but since each one is unique due to the glazing and firing process, if you see one you like... well, you get the picture.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Have you met my friend, the ikebana?

Happy Wednesday, friends!

With summer in full-swing and fresh flowers so readily available, I wonder how many of you have heard of an ikebana.

"Icky-what" you say?

ICK-uh-BON-uh It's a Japanese word that can be translated "giving life to flowers."

Take a looksy...

These are a top seller at my spring and summer craft shows. It's so easy to just push in a few flowers, and you have a fabulous little centerpiece.

Doesn't your kitchen need a little pop of summer? There are some spankin-new ikebanas in the shop. Here is my favorite...

Enjoy your summer, friends!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday Reflections {link up}: Mountaintops (or lack thereof)

Happy Monday, friends! It's that time again... Sunday Reflections, and we have a winner to announce at the end of the post!

Our sermon this week was out of Mark 9, the account of Jesus' transfiguration. I was reminded of how we, as Christians, are transformed to reflect God's likeness- by spending time with Him. I don't think we grasp how monumental prayer is. How much power it unleashes. How much it affects us- our attitude and outlook on life.

At the same time, it's important to remember that as a Christian, life isn't always going to be a high, mountaintop experience. It will be mundane and even pretty low sometimes, but our Christianity isn't built on emotion. It's built on the Word of God.

I tend to be a pretty emotional person, so sometimes when I don't "feel" God, I think I'm "not doing something right." But really, I know that this is a part of life, and we can't be led by our emotions. We have to stand on what we know is true.

And the winner of the Along for the Ride giveaway is...

Congrats, Christy!! Check your email :)


Now it's your turn: Sunday Reflections are basically a post of something faith-based that you heard/learned on Sunday that spoke to you. It can be words, song lyrics, a bible verse, whatever! If you aren't prepared to link-up today, come back next week to join in.  I'd love to have you! I made a little button for our link-ups that you can add to your post. 



Friday, July 22, 2011

My Furbaby

Happy Friday, friends!

I know I've showed you my pup several times before, but I wanted to share a little more of "our" story and show you some pages from his "baby book." ;)

We got Buster when I was 16 years old. It was love at first site.

Four years earlier, I had a very bad experience with our first dog. Tuffy, a black cocker spaniel, was the sweetest thing. We were best buds, and I trusted him. But one night he turned on me, attacking my face as I bent down to tell him good night. As my mom pushed me into the bathtub to get me out of his reach, he bit my knee, too. Needless to say, our relationship wasn't the same after that and out of fear that he may bite again, we made the decision as a family to put him to sleep. He had bit my mom and aunt several times prior to this, so it was kind of the last straw. 

After that, I always said that if we get another dog, I DO NOT want a cocker spaniel. We had done some research and found out that cockers tend to be aggressive.

Fast forward four years, and my dad saw an ad in the paper for family-raised, white and tan cockers for sale. I didn't want another cocker, but he wanted to go "just to look." Well, you know how that goes.

Driving up the road to the owner's house, there they were out in the front yard, at least half a dozen of the cutest little pups I had ever seen. We didn't take one that night, but decided that we wanted one, so we went back later to pick one out. The only problem was that we had to wait a month before bringing "Buster" into our house. Since Tuffy, we had a little beagle, "Rocky," for several days before he got so sick with parvo and had to be put down (talk about bad luck with dogs). They say that the parvo virus can live in your house for several years, so to be safe, we had to wait to bring a new pup in until he had two sets of shots. He was worth the wait.

Buster is the sweetest pup I could have ever hoped for (except around strangers) ;) He's 7 years old now, and I don't like to think that he has lived well over half his life. I will go to pieces when he's gone.

If you've never known the love of a dog, you don't know what you're missing!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Inspiration Workshop: Garden Edition

Happy Thursday, friends!

I'm linking up with Gussy Sews for the Inspiration Workshop today! The prompt was: Your Inspiration. I realized that I haven't shown any photos of my garden lately, and since my little gardening rant a couple months ago, I figured I should let you know that things have been going much better and that I'm {actually} inspired by my garden! (now that's it's all lush and green) :)

I'm in love with the bean teepees that my dad constructed! Seriously, so simple to make- just find some nice long (6 foot-ish) wood logs, tie them together at the top, and pound them into the ground a little so they are sturdy (wouldn't want them to blow over in a wind storm and destroy your precious beans!). They just add a new dimension to the garden, don't ya think?

I also love growing pumpkins and winter squash because they grow like mad and make me feel like an expert gardener. :) Not to mention that I'm growing the prettiest and tastiest pumpkin ever this year (at least I'm hoping). They are called winter luxury pie pumpkins. Anyone ever had these before? They're new for me, but I was mesmerized when I saw a photo of them in this book, and they supposedly taste as good as they look, so we shall see! They are covered in this sheer lace netting on the outside. I love lace. :)

What's inspiring you in the garden these days?

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday- Legacy Village Shopping

Happy Wednesday, friends!

I have been reading "What I Wore Wednesday" blog posts for about as long as I have been reading blogs, and I wasn't sure that it was something that I wanted to participate in... BUT, I had a fun little day trip yesterday and just this morning thought, "Why not turn it in to a what I wore post." So... here we go! My first ever What I Wore Wednesday. :) Enjoy!

dress- Gap
tank, sandals- AE
headband- Cilla Designs (just made up that name! :)
more on these later!)
earrings- NS Pottery

My mom, aunt, sister-in-law, and I took a day trip to Legacy Village and Beachwood Mall near Cleveland, Ohio yesterday. The weather was so nice (but hot!!), and we literally about shopped til we dropped and ate really well! It was good to spend some girl time with some of my favorite ladies!
Have you taken any fun summer day trips lately? Tell me about it!


P.S. Have you entered my giveaway yet? You can do so here!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sponsor Feature & Giveaway- Along for the Ride

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Starting today, I am going to be featuring my awesome sponsors (see them over there on the right?!) from time to time so you can get to know them! I am excited!!!! First up is Laura from Along for the Ride! I love her openness about her faith and her desire to follow Jesus in every aspect of her life!

Hi there! I'm Laura and I'm along for the ride! No, literally, I am. Along for the Ride isn't just the name of my blog and handmade shop, but it's how I see my walk with the Lord. I am along for the ride He has planned for me, and what a glorious ride it is!

Not only does Laura have a beautiful heart, BUT she also makes beautiful jewelry!

I love, love, love those little fabric rosette earrings in the top photo!

Laura is generously giving away $15 shop credit to one lucky NS Pottery blog reader!

Mandatory to Enter: Follow my blog (over on the right side under followers, click "join this site")

Additional Entries:
-Follow Laura's blog HERE
-"Like" Along for the Ride on facebook HERE
-"Like" NS Pottery on facebook HERE
(leave a comment for each one!)

Giveaway runs until next Sunday. Winner will be announced on Monday, July 25.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday Reflections Link-Up: Who Could Ever Stop Us

Happy Monday, friends!

I have a short, but sweet and powerful Sunday Reflections for the beginning of your week!

And if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us
And if our God is with us, then what can stand against?
And if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us
And if our God is with us, then what can stand against?
What can stand against?

Now it's your turn: Sunday Reflections  are basically just a post of something faith-based that you heard/learned on Sunday that spoke to you. It can be words, song lyrics, a bible verse, whatever! If you aren't prepared to link-up today, you can come back next week to join in! I'd love to have you! I made a little button for our link-ups that you can add to your post if you want.



Friday, July 15, 2011


Happy Friday, friends! I can't believe July is practically half over! Summer goes WAY too fast!

I'm going through this Beth Moore study right now- Stepping Up- and in the video that I watched yesterday, Beth talked about something that really hit home with me. She shared about how she struggles with loneliness. Beth Moore and loneliness? She seems like the last person on earth who would feel lonely. It got me thinking, how many of YOU struggle with loneliness? I know I do.

I've always been the type of person who keeps to myself more and struggles to make conversation with people. I'm slow to really let people into my life.

In today's technologically-advanced society, it's easier than ever to "stay connected" with people, but are we neglecting real, deep, meaningful relationships for these "electronic" ones? I enjoy texting and facebook as much as the next person, and I don't by any means think that these things are bad, but are we allowing them to be our means of social interaction? Are we deliberately making time for the people around us, getting beyond, "How are you?" "Good!"...? If you are really struggling with something, how many people would really know the truth when they ask how you are? We are superficial humans.

We all need to feel loved deep down in our hearts and to feel loved, we NEED to take time for each other, to be real with each other. 

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”
- 1 Peter 4:8


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Beautiful Headband For A Beautiful Cause

Happy Wednesday, friends! Like my new headband?

My dear friend Jennifer made it! Jennifer is going on a mission's trip to Ethiopia this fall to work with victims of sex trafficking. Sounds pretty brutal, right? It's costing her $3750 to go, so she is making these gorgeous headbands to raise money. You can get one just like mine, or choose from 3 other beautiful prints!   

I have been so blessed by reading Jennifer's blog. She is truly an amazing woman of God and has a real heart for serving people.

You can see her headbands here!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Giveaway at The Shine Project!!!

Happy Tuesday, friends!!

I wanted to let you all know that there is a phenomenal giveaway going on at the Shine Project- I think you will want to check it out!!!!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday Reflections: Knowing Him

Happy Monday, friends!

It's time for Sunday Reflections, and honestly, I'm struggling with it today. Don't get me wrong, yesterday morning was great, but sometimes my little brain has a hard time figuring out what to write, feeling like I don't have anything wonderful to say.

My internet service has proved to make me boil with anger this morning. It seems like if the weather gets one bit rainy, it doesn't work, and continues to work sporadically for days! It hasn't worked all morning, so I had to go elsewhere to find service. I feel stressed because how can I operate a link-up if people never know what time of day I'm going to post? Sorry.

In the midst of it all, I have to remember what really matters, what is truly important. Does it really matter that I don't blog on a set time schedule? No. Does it really matter that I have to hop in my car and drive down the road to my grandparents or my aunt's little nature shop to have the internet. No. Inconvenient, yes. But, this isn't really what life is about.

All I once held dear, built my life upon
All this world reveres, and wars to own
All I once thought gain, I have counted loss
Spent and worthless now, compared to this

Knowing you, Jesus, knowing you
There is no greater thing
You're my all, You're the best
You're my joy, my righteousness
And I love you, Lord  

Be blessed, friends!


Now it's your turn: Sunday Reflections are basically just a post of something faith-based that you heard/learned on Sunday that spoke to you. It can be words, song lyrics, a bible verse, whatever! If you aren't prepared to link-up today, you can come back next week to join in! I'd love to have you! I made a little button for our link-ups that you can add to your post if you want.



Friday, July 8, 2011

Raspberry Season

Happy Friday, friends! The weekend is almost here! :)

Raspberry season is going strong here at my house, and I am loving every minute of it.

Just 5 tiny little starts turned into this mass of raspberry brambles. So stupid smart, we planted them in a patch instead of a row, so in order to get to to the center plant, you have to climb into the center and come out with scratched and/or stained legs, but it's worth it. :)

Buster loves to "help." He searches for low growing berries to chomp. One time, my mom caught him pulling on a branch, trying to get a raspberry off. :) He cracks me up!

Yum! I love summer!